Our product concepts to design modern working environments are comprehensive and matching.

Product systems

deem media

deem media System

sum move

sum move System


Benches System


ophelis deem System

CN Conference Series

CN Conference Series System


Partitioning system paravento System

Meeting Tables

Meeting Tables System

paravento hub

Partitioning system paravento hub System

U4 Series

U4 Series System


ophelis docks System


sum move stool

sum move armchair

ophelis docks docks mobile two- seater

ophelis docks docks mobile one- seater

ophelis deem memo wall

ophelis deem benches

ophelis deem Tables

ophelis deem arena

ophelis deem High tables

ophelis deem meta

ophelis deem memo

Partitioning system paravento hub Servicepoint

Partitioning system paravento hub Compartments

ophelis docks Wing Chairs

ophelis docks Stools

ophelis docks Laptable Floor

ophelis docks Tables

ophelis docks Benches

ophelis docks Standing Benches

ophelis docks High Benches

ophelis docks Benches

ophelis docks Layouts

ophelis sum Compartments

ophelis docks Single-seater

ophelis docks Standing tables with box

ophelis docks Armchairs

ophelis docks Two-seater

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