deem media
deem media

deem media

Hybrid meetings create new demands on technology and environment. At the same time, agile teams are taking control of their work environment and organize themselves, as their work requires.

The need for mobile and visually supportive media is increasing and goes hand in hand with the ever-growing desire to disconnect from fixed meeting rooms.

deem media takes this trend into account and is a mobile piece of furniture for video conferencing and digital presentation space.

The media furniture, which is very intuitive to use, visually very slim and homely, is designed to accommodate monitors of up to 65 inches and a wide variety of other media technology solutions.

Thanks to an ingenious combination of different roller systems, deem media can be moved around the room with ease. The central placement and the concealed castors avoid tripping hazards caused by foot stabilizers, which once again distinguishes the ophelis product novelty.

The storage space at the rear blends in with the design language is equipped with ventilation slots and offers lockable space for the technology to be integrated.

Electrification is provided by cable outlets on the side, optionally with cable sock or by a helical cable with a hook.

deem media is prepared to accommodate screens, which are provided and mounted by the user. The choice of textiles and surfaces, including whiteboard surfaces, deprives ophelis deem media of its technical appearance

Product features

  • Integration of monitors up to 65 inch
  • Flexible positioning in the room
  • Concealed smooth-running roller system for easy movement through the room
  • No lateral tripping hazards
  • Storage space for technology at the back
  • Electrification through lateral cable outlets
  • Optionally with cable sock or spiral cable with hooks
  • Individual design through choice of textiles and surfaces


Colors and materials

  • Fabric: Camira Carlow (PG 20)

    • CLW06
    • CLW04
    • CLW01
    • CLW17
    • CLW09
    • CLW23
    • CLW20
    • CLW08
    • CLW12
  • Fabric: Kvadrat Remix Screen

    • 0688
    • 0408
    • 0528
    • 0818
    • 0998
    • 0128
    • 0138
    • 0148
    • 0158
    • 0188
    • 0228
    • 0288
    • 0328
    • 0358
    • 0608
    • 0908
  • Fabric: Camira Synergy 170

    • LDP08
    • LDP18
    • LDP20
    • LDP25
    • LDP32
    • LDP35
    • LDP45
    • LDP46
    • LDP49
    • LDP53
    • LDP54
    • LDP55
    • LDP56
    • LDP59
    • LDP62
    • LDP63
    • LDP66
    • LDP68
    • LDP69
    • LDP73
    • LDP77
    • LDP84
    • LDP85
    • LDP88
  • Surfaces: Genuine wood

    • oak, oiled
  • Surfaces: Melamine

    • atlas white
    • cream white
    • soft white
    • light grey
    • Silk grey
    • grey brown
    • graphite
    • black
    • maple trim
    • oak light
    • beech light
    • grey green
    • wine red
    • black blue
    • night blue

CAD Data

Der rückseitige Stauraum fügt sich in die Formensprache ein, ist mit Lüftungsschlitzen ausgestattet und bietet abschließbaren Raum für die zu integrierende Technik.

Die Elektrifizierung erfolgt durch seitliche Kabelauslässe, optional mit Kabelstrumpf oder durch eine Wendelleitung mit Haken.

deem media ist vorbereitet für die Aufnahme von Screens, die nutzerseits bereitgestellt und montiert werden. Durch die Auswahl der Textilien- und Oberflächen inkl. Whiteboardoberflächen wird ophelis deem media die technische Anmutung genommen.