About ophelis

About ophelis

We are your partner for the design of modern working environments. We are devoted to working environments and developments in the working world. With our product portfolio and concepts, we seek to create working environments in which people feel comfortable and able to work more effectively.

As a family-run company, ophelis values continuity, quality and innovation. Founded in 1893, today we are one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of office furnishings and are active worldwide.


We think holistically. We focus on your needs and working environments. On this basis, we develop products and solutions that enable the design of attractive working environments according to the latest findings.

For ophelis, success starts in the team: the company currently employs 160 members of staff.

All ophelis products are made in Germany and are manufactured at the company’s location in Bad Schönborn. We also develop customer-specific solutions for special project requirements and offer industrial manufacturing combined with high flexibility.

Our Products

We want our product concepts to contribute to a good working environment. These products combine high quality with good design. Our product portfolio is designed to equip rooms in order to promote working well and feeling comfortable. The product variety paired with our extensive collection of materials and textiles provides plenty of scope for design.


The majority of our products is QUALITY OFFICE certified. This seal denotes products and services that exceed the standard rules and norms. Thus, in terms of product performance, QUALITY OFFICE stands not only for material, workmanship and design quality; it also incorporates the GS mark as a prerequisite and takes the necessity of ergonomic quality into account.

ophelis has had a quality management system in place for years and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 standards. Additionally we are certified according to DIN EN ISO / DIS 45001 for the field of health and safety protection at the workplace.


We operate an environmental management system certified in accordance with IN EN ISO 14001 in order to control the effects on the environment and to continuously improve with regard to environmental protection. Consistent environmental control is made possible by the balancing of all environmentally relevant parameters such as recycled goods, energy, water and waste.