CN Series
CN Series

CN Series

Everything in one system: Electrically adjustable sitting/standing table, modular table, folding table, meeting table, conference installation. With the CN series, a classic C leg and extra-flat leg extensions, all zones of the working environment can be furnished with one style and one system.

The CN series comprises a product family of sit-stand tables and conference tables with identical designs. In the course of a product relaunch, further technical improvements were made, while the essential design features, such as the extra-flat foot stabilizer, were left unchanged.

One of the main features of our new CN series is the particularly quiet electric motor drive. With a noise level of less than 42 decibels, this motor contributes to a pleasant and concentrated working atmosphere.

This technical improvement is complemented by an intuitive design-awarded control element.

In addition, the CN series with foot side panels as square or round tubes opens up a wide range of individual office design options. Different electrification options also offer numerous cable management functionalities for easy and quick user access to electrification.

Product features

  • Product family:
    • Electrically adjustable sitting/standing tables
    • Conference installations
  • Legs with extra-flat leg extensions:
    • C leg (worktables)
    • T leg (conference tables)
    • Round tube and square tube options available
  • Control element
    • The control element is design-awarded and self-explanatory.The operation is nevertheless intuitive and barrier-free
  • Premium collision protection:
    • Our table is equipped with premium collision protection as standard
  • Height adjustment options:
    • Work tables with electric motorized height adjustment: three-column (650 – 1,280 mm). Large lifting range: to serve a larger user group and provide individual comfort.
  • Table top thicknesses: 19 and 25 mm
  • Columns and control
    • The electromotive tables travel at a very
    • pleasant speed of 50 mm/sec
    • The drive is perceived as very quiet with a noise level of < 42 dB very quiet
    • The power consumption is very low at 0.1W
    • The start-up behavior of the tables is very quiet and smooth
    • Special features conference tables:
      • Conference tables with fixed height or electromotive
      • height adjustable for meetings in standing position
      • Convenient linking without tools to form large conference
      • conference systems possible
      • Optionally as rectangular or boat-shaped table
      • Frames laterally indented – for comfortable sitting in front of the head
      • Optionally available with userbase, for convenient access to electrification via the ophelis userbase


Electrification options

  • Fixed table top with fold-down cable duct
  • Sliding table top with brush seal on the rear edge of the desk
  • Comfort electrification with functional rail at the rear panel end for attaching additive elements as well as sliding panel with brush seal.
  • Clean cable management with flexible cable chain or cable stocking for routing cables up to standing height, as well as steel cable duct for invisible cable routing on the leg; handling: easily removable without tools thanks to clip fasteners
  • Netbase: For direct, convenient access to power and data connections with brush for dust-proofing and for fixing cables (only with fixed table top)
  • Netbox: Connections are directly accessible to the user at the table – can be individually equipped with power and data connections
  • Cable outlets: round or angular to match the table frame, can also be attached to the rear edge of the table


Colors and materials

Power supply options:

  • Fixed table top with integrated cable outlets and hinged cable channel
  • Sliding table top
  • Sliding table top with brush seal on the rear edge of the table
  • Convenient power supply “flap”: rear table top section hinged upwards for convenient access to the cable channel over the full width of the table
  • Convenient electrification with organization rail at the rear end of the table top for tool-free mounting of additive elements over the entire width of the table while maintaining the sliding table top function and convenient access to the cable channel
  • frames

    • light white
      (RAL 9016)
    • silver metallic
    • black
  • Surfaces: Genuine wood

    • maple
    • maple, oiled
    • whitewashed oak
    • whitewashed oak, oiled
    • oak
    • oak, oiled
    • beech
    • cherry wood
    • cherry wood, oiled
    • walnut
    • walnut, oiled
    • smoked oak
    • black oak
  • Surfaces: Melamine

    • atlas white
    • cream white
    • soft white
    • light grey
    • Silk grey
    • grey brown
    • graphite
    • black
    • maple trim
    • oak light
    • beech light
  • Surfaces: lacquer

    • traffic white
      (RAL 9016)
    • cream white
      (RAL 9001)
    • silk grey
      (RAL 7044)
    • iron grey
      (RAL 7011)
    • grey brown
      (RAL 8019)


CAD Data

Reihe CN_2D (ZIP, 22 MB)
Reihe CN_3D (ZIP, 24 MB)


ophelis_brochure_table_systems_e_180703 (PDF, 6 MB)
Pflegeanleitung (PDF, 732 KB)

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Flexible cable chain to guide the cables up to the standing height

Steel cable tray for invisible cable routing on the table leg; handling: easy to remove without tools thanks to clip fastening

Netbase: For direct, convenient access to power and data sockets with brush for dust seal and fixing the cables (only with fixed table top)

Netbox: Sockets are accessible to the user directly at the table - can be individually equipped with power and data sockets

Cable outlet square (only with fixed table top)

Cable outlet round (only with fixed table top)

Cable outlet at the rear edge of the table (fixed table top and sliding top)