new: ophelis nest

new: ophelis nest

Everyday working life is varied: Whether concentrated individual work, video conferences, discretion and retreat or (creative) exchange with colleagues – modern workplaces must be able to cope with a variety of requirements.

ophelis nest, created by the Berlin design studio Hidden Fortress, is based on the basic idea that users can flexibly determine the degree of visual and acoustic screening at their workplace.

nest enables employees to shield their workplace individually, temporarily and with little effort according to their current needs.

The structure of nest consists of only two components: absorber and corner module. The two corner modules are the statically supporting components of the system and form – connected to the table – the supports for the absorbers. They can be easily assembled and disassembled.

The rail, a rounded guide rod integrated into the corner modules, holds the absorber modules and provides support so that they are stable and shock-resistant without the need for further fixing to the desk.

With their curved volume, the absorber modules form a contrast to the simple corner modules and create a comfortable and homely atmosphere. The textile upholstery of the absorbers allows individual and homely color worlds to be created both inside and outside. The absorbers can be easily and smoothly extended by the user up to 15 centimeters beyond the edge of the table to provide a screen from the neighbor. In this way, nest can be used to create an environment for increased concentration, which is also visually perceptible to the person sitting next to it.

For even more peace and quiet, nest offers the possibility to put up an acoustically effective roof, which can be varied in height and degree of shielding.

ophelis nest is structured in such a way that both temporary and permanent solutions can be operated. The system attaches great importance to flexible use. It offers the option of being assembled and disassembled by the user himself, simply, thus underlining the self-determination of the working environment.

The system requires only two different modules (corner module and absorber module) and can be used at any workstation.



Wall brackets or attachments on the storage space serve as a garage for unused absorber modules and thus improve the room acoustics. Alternatively, the absorbers can also be temporarily stored on a mobile caddy and are thus acoustically effective in the room.

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