CN Conference Series
CN Conference Series

CN Conference Series

CN Conference series: Design your conference and meeting areas with a flexible and ergonomic conference table range that combines design and function.

In the conference area, the impressive CN series features a symmetrical T-leg with 35 centimetres of side legs indented in front of the head as a system that can be comfortably mounted on all sides. Convenient conferencing is made easy with a tool-free solution to allow tables to be linked together and table depths of up to 120 centimetres. A height-adjustable version with electric motor is also available as an ergonomic solution. In addition, the CN Conference series offers sophisticated cable management and enables convenient access to power and data thanks to the userbase which can also be integrated.

Product features

  • Integrated and at the same time flexible conference table range
  • T-leg base with round or square tube columns
  • Extra flat leg extension
  • Tool-free interlinking or adaptation of tables
  • Convenient cable management
  • Userbase allows quick and convenient access to power
  • Frames indented 35 cm at the sides for comfortable straight-ahead seating
  • Height adjustment variants:
    • Conference tables, fixed height (720 mm)
    • Conference tables, electrically adjustable height (740 – 1050 mm)
  • Infinitely combinable: Conference table in fixed height for indivdual adjustment available in various widths and depths for custom requirements
  • Height adjustable conference table for indivdual adjustment available in various widths (up to 4000 mm) and depths (up to 1200 mm) for custom requirements
  • Columns and control
    • The electromotive desks move up and down at a very comfortable speed of 50 mm/sec
    • Quiet actuation with a noise level of < 50 dB
    • Low power consumption (0.1W)
    • Even and smooth starting performance
  • Control element
    • Shapely and timeless design of the control element
    • Easy handling due to the large keys and large display


Colors and materials

  • frames

    • light white
      (RAL 9016)
    • silver metallic
    • black
  • Surfaces: Genuine wood

    • maple
    • maple, oiled
    • whitewashed oak
    • whitewashed oak, oiled
    • oak
    • oak, oiled
    • beech
    • cherry wood
    • cherry wood, oiled
    • walnut
    • walnut, oiled
    • smoked oak
    • black oak
  • Surfaces: Melamine

    • atlas white
    • cream white
    • soft white
    • light grey
    • Silk grey
    • grey brown
    • graphite
    • black
    • maple trim
    • oak light
    • beech light
  • Surfaces: lacquer

    • traffic white
      (RAL 9016)
    • cream white
      (RAL 9001)
    • silk grey
      (RAL 7044)
    • iron grey
      (RAL 7011)
    • grey brown
      (RAL 8019)

CAD Data

Reihe CN_2D (ZIP, 22 MB)
Reihe CN_3D (ZIP, 1 MB)


Brochure table systems (PDF, 6 MB)


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