The start of a new work order

The start of a new work order

How will we work in the future? ophelis has been looking into the answer to this question as part of an innovation workshop involving experts from the fields of architecture, product design, facility management, change management, users, and with the support of the Trendbüro trend consultancy in Hamburg. According to Trendbüro, the upcoming changes will be radical and will have an effect on organisation, leadership, communications, the use of space and the way a company works.

Birgit Gebhardt, Managing Director of Trendbüro Hamburg, comes straight to the point:

“The current transition from an industrial to a network economy requires nothing less from businesses than a full reorganisation.” Birgit Gebhardt, Trendbüro Hamburg, 2012

Requirements of the new office generation

As a result of these developments and trend studies, ophelis is anticipating that businesses and organisations will have an increasing requirement for products and concepts, which

  • promote (informal) communications and meetings
  • support the transfer of knowledge within the company
  • instigate creative work
  • make the working environment more attractive – including for the young generation
  • bring people from all generations and cultures together
  • support team work
  • allow other approaches to work
  • emphasise company identity
  • create well-being in the office through comfort
  • integrate naturally in the working environment

Previously underused areas of the office will fulfil – as a complement to the classic work desk – the new requirements of an evolving way of working. These zones can be used as places to work and to communicate, as well as for quiet contemplation.

ophelis docks – a modular system for designing islands in the office

At Orgatec, ophelis will be introducing a modular system, which can be combined in various ways to create different office islands. docks can be used to create a communal meeting point and interface, as well as a place for quiet concentration and relaxation. The modules can be put together in such a way as to provide acoustic and visual privacy or open-plan meeting areas. The elements are designed to match the dimensions of ophelis furniture, so that shelves and cabinets can be seamlessly connected and integrated. Used as a a transition and connection element between various zones in the office, docks allow for a change of scene, produce synergy effects, promote internal communications and enhance the feeling of well-being in the workplace.

The product concept was designed by the Groschmeier design studio – Till Grosch and Björn Meier are two young designers who have drawn attention to themselves with their unconventional solutions.

Till Grosch and Björn Meier “No other place where furnishing is required has undergone so many functional and emotional changes in the past few years as the office. The efficient use of floor space is now also being brought to the fore, which means that we are now also seeing the transformation of the classic office work place into a multifunctional communal space becoming a positive trend in the world of work. The quality and variety of exchange between employees is the key to effective work. We believe that office furniture should enable flexible decentralised communications. It should support informal office chats just as much as spontaneous work meetings in a small group. In our view, the office is not just a place of work but also a living environment. When we were designing “docks”, it was important to us to support well-being in the office.”

The special features of ophelis docks

ophelis docks offer a wide variety of opportunities, are modular and freely configurable and the modules all support electrical connections. High-quality upholstery ensures comfort, partitions provide privacy and the wide selection of covering materials offer practically endless options for adapting the design to suit your business. A variety of add-ons create a homely atmosphere and provide additional functions.

ophelis docks offer an integral product approach and enable islands to be created in the office with a single integrated system. ophelis docks also appeal due to their self-contained design, which in spite or because of its uniqueness fits in with other ophelis furniture systems.

The dimensions of docks are compatible with other ophelis products. docks modules consist of upholstered units, partitions, storage space, add-on panels, tables with e-box and bricks.

The market launch of ophelis docks rounds off the company’s product portfolio. “With this new product concept to create islands in the office, we want to provide businesses with conceptual and creative help to adapt their working environments to new requirements and therefore increase their attractiveness and efficiency.” Peter Bajak, Managing Director, ophelis GmbH.

Pictures in print quality and press releases you can find on the right as zip ready for download.

If you are interested in our trend study, please contact us; the cue: Studie Aufbruch in eine neue Arbeitskultur.

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