Further education offer by MEA

Further education offer by MEA

Fundamentals of the conception and planning of working environments

Office landscapes for agile organisations – What environment does the working culture of the future need?

Agility and movement instead of rigid structures: Modern office landscapes are geared to the changing requirements and needs of employees and companies. Different environments, suitable for the respective type of activity, enable a self-determined choice, depending on the work mode (task) and current mood (personal mood and preferences). This results in a multitude of new challenges for the design of trend-setting working environments.

Together, we concentrate on the different aspects of modern office work environment design. On the basis of current studies on the decisive developments in tomorrow’s world of work, the participants receive an overview of approaches to future workspace design. During the event, the standards to be observed and their significance will be explained. Experts provide background knowledge on the ergonomic, visual and acoustic factors that must be taken into account in concepts and specialist planning. The theoretical knowledge is supplemented by insights into current case studies and practical implementations in specific projects.

Target group:
Architects and interior designers, architects in internships, work experience not required

Training points:
8 points

Number of participants:
Min. 8 persons, max. 20 persons

Rainer Höhne, Dipl.-Ing. architect, feco-feederle GmbH
Stefan Kleinhenz – Independent Office Planner
Andreas Albrecht – Project Manager and Light Planner, HATEC Lichttechnik GmbH
Holger Bajak, ophelis GmbH, Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH)

02. October 2019
23. October 2019
07. November 2019
Duration: 09:00 to 16:30 incl. Lunch
This training will only take place in German.

feco-feederle GmbH, Am Storrenacker 22, 76139 Karlsruhe

Participation fee:
150,00 € plus VAT

Registration by mail to:
Mrs. Yasmin Ulrich, yasmin.ulrich@ja-at.eu
MEA – Maison européenne de l’architecture
6 quai Finkmatt
F-67000 Strasbourg

We look forward to your participation.