Acoustics in the office
Acoustics in the office

Acoustics in the office

Conflict of goals: Communication versus shielding in the office

For the most part, office work means team work in modern organisations. The physical proximity of employees to each other has become a critical success factor. The problem: On the one hand, conversations are the most efficient means of communication in the office, but on the other hand, they generate noise that is disruptive for others. Open office landscapes do, indeed, support communication and ultimately, the processes; however, with insufficient shielding, they violate people’s basic need for privacy.

Conflict of objectives between architecture and interior design: The architectural trend towards climate control by means of component activation in modern buildings places new demands on interior design concepts. Therefore, in many cases, full-surface suspended acoustic ceilings cannot be used. Modern architecture is making increasing use of reverberative surfaces and extensive glass panels; the result is that the solution of acoustic requirements has been transferred from the building itself to the interior design components.

This has led to a need to divide office landscapes and acoustically shield the workstations from each other to the greatest extent possible, while restricting communication as little as possible. Moreover, the space as a whole must be kept attractive and a comfortable ambience ensured.

An effective acoustic concept is always a holistic interplay of spatial conditions and facilities, from the ceiling, walls and floor to the partitioning, to the design of the immediate working environment. The use of various absorbers in order to absorb the widest possible spectrum of sound frequencies and thereby achieve satisfactory room acoustics is a crucial factor.

ophelis acoustic concepts for optimal sound insulation in the office

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