Initial situation

Working environments in which employees enjoy working together: By redesigning its headquarters, SEEBURGER AG aimed to create a modern working environment that allows employees to work optimally according to their individual needs.

The Project: Equipping 450 new workstations and middle zones

Workstations: 450
Customer: Seeburger AG
Specialized trade partner: feco-feederle GmbH
Location: Bretten
Realization: 09/2021 – 05/2022

Planning process

The planning includes a separate color concept for each floor of the building, which is intended to support creative work in terms of so-called “mood- and activity-based working”. This allows the right workstation to be chosen depending on personal mood and tasks.



Open spaces and screening: through the use of ophelis nest modules, the 2-person and 4-person workstation combinations have an open design, yet individual screening is possible. The new partition wall system paravento XL additionally structures the different zones.  ophelis docks and paravento hubs are used for the various communication and retreat zones.

Loose cabinets and my stuff for personal storage space at the desk have also created the conditions for desk sharing. Designed in this way, the premises offer flexibility in meeting the individual needs of employees and teams.

Agile areas round out the space available for employees.


Images: © Nikolay Kazakov