Deutsche Bahn AG „Tower and Bricks“
DB Frankfurt

Deutsche Bahn AG „Tower and Bricks“

Initial situation

Until 2018, Deutsche Bahn AG was spread over eight different locations in the Frankfurt area with around 3,000 employees. The new building complex, established in 2020, is located in Europa-Allee close to the city centre and brings all of them together in one location. In addition to the spatial integration, the main aim was to achieve a cultural integration.

Planning process

The interior design company M.O.O.CON planned and realised the new building complex. The aim was to restructure or reinvent previous working environments and thus create a modern and agile working environment. The new common location intends to simplify and improve communication, cooperation and networking between the individual business units.


Each of the 18 floors of the building complex offers different landscapes to meet different needs and activities. This provides Deutsche Bahn AG employees a wide variety of meeting points and communication islands, as well as opportunities for retreat. The basic principle is the free choice of the workplace, individually suited to the current task and mood. The new zones are designed, among others, with ophelis docks and sum.

Pictures: @ Kristof Lemp