project ophelis really

project ophelis really

simple and kubus – a project from ophelis with really. 

What happens at the end of a textile’s lifespan is an important factor when designing the entire lifecycle. New manufacturing innovations make it possible to incorporate old and waste materials into new fibres and thus into desirable, functional and new materials.

Over recent years, kvadrat has been researching ground-breaking new methods of recycling used textiles and textile waste. The result is really. ophelis shaped and processed the idea into a new product concept.

Designer Martin Dettinger created the ‘simple’ stool and table for ophelis and the ‘kubus’ shelf elements. Both products are already successful in demonstrating the experimental character of the project through the design language.

The stool and table are as simple as possible, with geometric components that are interconnected and fixed with glue. The pieces are free from surface treatment.

The 35 x 35 x 35-cm cubic shelf elements form a three-dimensional grid, which is the basis of a simple modular system that can be extended in all directions.

The cubes can be stacked and combined using clips. The small clip is a good example of additive manufacturing or industrial 3D printing.