Living work in a new way
Living work in a new way

Living work in a new way

The drivers of change divided into four categories – technical, cultural, social and economic – which all have an influence on the organization and design of future working environments. The current crises are proving to be a real trend accelerator here, making our working world more agile, flexible and digital, and affecting all companies and organizations equally.

The new role of the office

Remote work has worked, but at the same time, many people miss the change of scenery and the non-virtual encounters with colleagues.

Even a well-functioning remote work culture cannot replace the interpersonal, spontaneous contacts, the inspiring coincidence, the brief exchange and the joint creation on site. So the office is by no means becoming irrelevant, but the requirements for office space are: Creative activities such as project work and innovation are becoming increasingly important, and this must also be reflected in the workplaces. People coming to the office nowadays do not want to sit at their desks for eight hours in a concentrated manner. Exchanging ideas with colleagues and working together on projects is equally important. This requires suitable rooms for different activities and digital equipment.

The office must appeal to employees and offer benefits

Added benefits of the office are perceived very differently. What is certain, however, is that the demands placed on the office workplace have increased.

Colors, lighting, acoustics, room layout and furnishings can improve psychological and physical well-being.

Those who create a good working atmosphere give employees a reason to come to the office and at the same time improve work efficiency.

When we come into the office in the future, it will also be about community – quality time with colleagues, in a working environment that is as pleasant as it is functional. Above all, it is also the social contacts and togetherness that create the added value at the office. Studies show that project work done together and in the presence of colleagues leads to faster and better results.

At the same time, employees expect advantages from the work environment that are not available in the same way with mobile working – such as environments that fit the activity and allow us to work better. The best workplace for the corresponding activity. Activity and mood based working. Ergonomics, wellbeing, structuring and acoustics play an important role. The office space ideally supports the different activities during a working day by providing the appropriate space and equipment.

The office as a versatile service and hub for corporate culture

The question of where employees work most efficiently is becoming increasingly important. The office offers the most options here – among other things, as a place for collective learning, exchange and creative collaboration.

The office is transforming from a place of work into the company’s cultural mile: This is where the company’s values become visible, where the staff’s sense of togetherness is created. This is where collaboration and co-creation physically take place.

The reduction of fixed workplaces creates space for new offerings. New space layouts emerge and are being shaped.

We believe in the future of the office – also as a hub for corporate culture.

Product concepts and inspirations

Every company should find its own way to implement these new requirements. We are happy to support you on this path.

Communication and meeting points

Communication islands, meeting points, work cafes

Agile project work

Teams need spaces for collaboration that are changeable according to need and team desire.

Retreat and communication islands

Retreat zones for brief coordination or concentrated individual work without disturbance support the attractiveness of group offices.

Zoning - Acoustics

The desire for smaller units and separation of other zones can be implemented independently of the building and reversibly. Acoustic and visual screening increase the quality of well-being.