Press bulletin ophelis Orgatec 2018
press Orgatec 2018

Press bulletin ophelis Orgatec 2018

Orgatec 2018: ophelis – Everything in motion

The working environment is currently facing major challenges that companies and organisations must tackle head on. The drivers of this change (digitization, demographic change, employer branding, pressure to innovate, etc.) are well known and frequent topics of discussion. Meanwhile, the consequences have reached the design of modern working environments.

Providing suitable work environments

Companies that are intensively tackling these changes follow expert advice and redesign their office environments. Birgit Gebhardt, Trendexpert confronts these changes head on, saying: “The knowledge worker requires different places to work well, depending on their current job and individual mood. Companies should pay attention to this when approaching the design of their working environment.” Today’s office landscape should therefore feature zones for concentrated independent work, places of communication, meeting places for informal communication, project work, meetings and retreat. It is also a matter of creating learning environments that make organisations more innovative, creative and faster, says Birgit Gebhardt.

Agility – for companies and employees

In the face of ever-increasing change and the high pressure of innovation, agility is a prerequisite for future corporate success. Agile companies bring people together and empower them to work on projects and search for solutions collaboratively, independently and quickly. Classical project management is increasingly being complemented by agile methods, such as scrum or Design Thinking; not only is this happening in IT development, but also in other business areas. This requires tools and spaces that precisely support this kind of project work and new mobility.

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About ophelis:

ophelis is a producer of office equipment and your partner for the design of modern working environments. As a family-run company, ophelis values continuity, quality and innovation. Founded in 1893, today ophelis is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of office furniture. All products are made in Germany and are produced exclusively at the company facilities in Bad Schönborn. Focusing on customers’ needs and working environments, ophelis offers products and solutions that help companies design attractive work environments based on the latest scientific insights, as well as bespoke solutions for specific needs, and industrial manufacturing that also maintains flexibility. Success starts in the team: there are currently around 160 employees working at ophelis.

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