We believe it is our responsibility to use resources carefully and contribute further to sustainability through our products, production and behaviour. In addition to environmentally sound action, we regard the quality and long service life of our products as a key aspect in the conservation of resources.

We operate an environmental management system certified according to DIN ISO 14001 in order to be able to control the effects on the environment and to continuously improve with regard to environmental protection. The topic of the environment is not just a matter of regulations; it is something that concerns everyone. Consistent environmental control is made possible by the balancing of all environmentally relevant parameters such as recycled goods, energy, water and waste.

Moreover, our environmental management system involves the ongoing assessment of products, materials and suppliers from the perspective of environmental compatibility.

Our principles

  • Each of our business decisions takes environmental considerations into account.
  • Waste prevention is about reducing waste and reducing waste before recycling. We only dispose of an item where one of the previously mentioned options is not possible.
  • Our efforts are particularly focused on environmentally sound, economical production with the aim of reducing waste-water loads and volumes as well as emissions.
  • We strive to cut costs through energy savings, which helps to alleviate the load on the environment.
  • Our products should have no harmful effects on the environment and health during their use and service life.
  • Our stated aim is to minimise the impact of our production processes on the environment. We aim to reduce our environmental impact to the extent that we can economically justify.
  • We train our employees and inform the public regarding our environmental goals and activities, and regularly publish an environmental report.


Our products are manufactured in a spa area; therefore, we are subject to particularly strict guidelines in the areas of noise and air emissions.

We use state-of-the-art technology such as CNC machining centres and production lines for our production as a whole. All our systems are documented in an equipment register, and a maintenance system ensures their functionality. We keep our overall plant engineering up to date by continuously making new investments as well as taking the most environmentally friendly technologies into account.

The company’s own heating plant generates heat for the entire company. It runs exclusively on waste wood (renewable source) generated in ophelis’s Production department, which is almost carbon neutral.


Our furniture is assembled and delivered without packaging. In this way, we avoid using plastic protective packaging and reduce plastic waste to an absolute minimum. In accordance with our ecological principles, we utilise reusable materials to secure the equipment during transport. We see it as our responsibility to take back the transport safety materials we have brought with us and put them back into circulation.

Materials and suppliers

We work exclusively with certified supply partners and source our components and raw materials from local suppliers and 100% from Europe.

The environmental and health compatibility of all the materials we use is confirmed by safety certificates.

Recycling and return policy – Disposal of old furniture

In connection with the return and recycling of used furniture, we work with a partner specialised in the professional disposal and reuse of furniture who has been successfully operating in this sector for many years. Furniture items which are no longer usable due to their condition are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The materials from all our products are sorted by type and are recyclable.

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