Projects also present special challenges for logistics. For us, this means the precise timing of deliveries, professional assembly and on-time completion. Our range of services also includes relocation management and taking inventory. And we collaborate with specialists for overseas ocean and air and freight deliveries.

Delivery and assembly

Our precisely-timed deliveries are managed by our competent logistics partner with a branch office in our factory. We will call you if there is to be a variance of more than 30 minutes to the agreed delivery time. Our furniture is delivered exclusively by trained specialists; all drivers are also able to install our products.

Larger deliveries are installed and assembled by our own technicians and installation partners who meet our quality standards for installation and assembly due to their many years of cooperation and familiarity with our products.

In accordance with our ecological aspirations, we deliver our furniture assembled and unpacked and secure their transport with reusable materials. The recycling of these protective materials is a matter of course for us. The required protective and packing measures for overseas transport are provided for by specialists.

Depending on requirements and local conditions, we are able to provide tools such as external lifts, hoisting cranes, etc., to ensure the smooth transport of the furniture into the building.

Direct transport routes are another way in which ophelis actively contributes to environmental protection.

Inventory and relocation management

We can also offer you professional support in this area: We have already demonstrated our capabilities in the area of inventory and relocation management for numerous large properties.