Working from home
Working from home

Working from home

As a protective measure against the corona virus, many people had to move from the office to their home. For many employees this is a great challenge. Especially those who worked only very rarely or not at all from home in the past, often do not have a real workplace there. There was hardly any preparation time for setting up a suitable solution.

Companies often support their employees in equipping their home with a professional workstation. But often it is the employees themselves who are looking for solutions. After all, working at the kitchen table, on the couch or in bed may work as a short-term stopgap – but in the long run, what you want is an ergonomic, functional workplace where you can work in a concentrated manner.

Whether your own office, the corner in the hallway or in the guest room: often the plan to set up an office at home has been in your mind for a long time. Has the time finally come to implement this?

Therefore, we have put together an attractive package for working from home.

Available as an action package from our local specialist trade partners – while stocks last. The table is delivered and professionally assembled. Please request the source of supply at

The ergonomic sit-stand workstation also for the office at home

The electromotive sit-/stand desk of the CL series allows alternately sitting and standing.

  • Suitable for workiong from home
  • Desk size 1600 x 800 mm
  • Square tube base
  • Frame: white
  • Electromotive height adjustment
  • Adjustment range from 650 – 1.250 mm
  • With fixed table top 25 mm in white
  • Hinged cable duct on both sides
  • Triple socket, 3-meter connection cable, cable chain

my stuff: Storage space in the office at home

Everything in one place: “my stuff” holds all office supplies. It is attached under the table with a guide rail or simply placed on the desk or shelf. The dividers separate the box and provide additional order.

  • my stuff weighs 560 grams
  • Light grey melange
  • W x D x H: 287 x 370 x 130 mm

The space-saving secondary workplace at home

The mobile folding table is a flexible variant for creating a quiet workplace in a domestic environment. Quick and easy to roll up to any place – space-saving when not in use.

The deem bench for working from home

Working from home and home schooling must run parallel? There is space for everyone on the deem bench and thanks to castors it is easy to move to where it is needed.

  • Mobile bench with T-base and two castors
  • W x D x H: 1,200 x 400 x 450 mm
  • Frame: Powder-coated

Hints for working from home

Hints on how to work from home better and healthier with some measures that can be implemented almost anywhere. A recommendation by IBA (Association for office and working environment in Germany).

Ideally, the work surface should be at least 120 centimetres wide and 80 centimetres deep, in order to have sufficient storage space and to ensure a sufficient viewing distance of at least 50 centimetres from the computer screen.

Working on the notebook for long periods of time in particular quickly leads to problems with the back or neck muscles, so a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse should also be used when working on the notebook.

If you work without am additional monitor, the laptop should at least be raised, for example with the help of some stacked books.

The height of the screen is optimally adjusted when the top line is slightly below eye level. The keyboard should be placed at a distance of 10 to 15 centimetres from the front edge of the table, upper and lower arms ideally form a right angle.

If the corresponding table is normally used differently, it should be cleared for this time and only used for working. Wherever possible, the workplace should remain permanently set up so that a reliable working environment is created.

A further advantage is that cables can be securely fixed in place, otherwise they can disturb the user and other members of the household or become a tripping hazard.

Sunlight with its broad spectrum of light contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere, especially in spring. However, disturbing light reflections on the monitor and glare from daylight should be avoided.

For artificial lighting, indirect light sources are a good choice, as long as they do not cause shadows or reflections on the monitor. Reflecting and shiny surfaces in the field of vision are also disturbing factors that can make work from home more difficult. A table with a glass top is therefore less suitable as a work desk.

It is very important to sit correctly, and an office chair or at least a swivel chair with adjustable seat height should be available. When sitting, the upper and lower legs should form a right angle and the lower back area should be supported by the backrest when sitting upright.

Where such equipment is not available, care should be taken when choosing a chair to ensure that the seat height is appropriate in relation to the work table. When working at the computer, it is important to sit a little higher than you are used to at home.

The IBA also recommends that employers be approached about the possibility of providing an ergonomic office chair during the phase of working from home.

Ratgeber ergonomisches Arbeiten

Ratgeber ergonomisches Arbeiten (PDF, 2 MB)