How can cables be optimally managed within the furniture? And how can users be given convenient access to power and data? ophelis has developed numerous e-solutions for convenient cable management, from the worktable to storage furniture with power outlets, to conference solutions for the connection of power, data and media technology.

Cable management within a room

How do power and data reach the desk and the user? From floor tanks to dado ducts, our product concepts provide sophisticated solutions for horizontal and vertical cable management, ensuring that cable routing is concealed from source to user in a manner which complies with the guidelines.

These solutions include horizontal and vertical cable channels on desks, cable management options under storage space solutions using an electric base or solutions for electrifying several workstations collectively, as with our orga.cube concept.

E-Solutions for the workstation

Modern concepts and mobile devices require fast and convenient access to a power supply. We offer you several solutions for a convenient power supply.

IT and integrated lamps for the workstation:

IT and lighting must also be connected in an ergonomically sophisticated manner. We offer a variety of possibilities with our concepts for connecting monitors and integrated lamps.

E-Solution conference

Meetings, video conferences and presentations

The integration of spatial and media technology is also essential for meetings and conferences. We have power supply solutions with which technology is not added to the furniture after the fact, but is integrated from the outset, so that technology dominates the space.

Power and data access in central areas

Providing meeting tables, seating and benches with power and data access makes perfect sense against the backdrop of mobile work processes. Therefore, we have made provisions for the integration of a power supply in our product concepts such as ophelis docks and ophelis sum.

Power supply for projects

The subject of power supply and the associated creation of customised concepts on site is an important aspect of finding the best solution for you.
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