tangens partitioning system

In addition to creating space, the tangens partitioning system meets architectural requirements with regard to acoustics and power supply. It provides for not only privacy but also sound protection in the office.

At a glance

  • Reversible buildings, transparent architecture and flexible usage and user structures place greater demands on the creation of space
  • Office and meeting spaces, think tanks or break zones that are perfectly adapted to the working environment emerge with the room-in-room system
  • With regard to preventative fire protection, tangens meets the structural requirements
  • Design principle: supporting aluminium outer frame with double-shell
    wall elements which are mounted using a click-and-lock system. This construction enables structures with a height of up to six metres.
  • Whether glass on glass, made of solid material or fabric: tangens opens the door for many design possibilities
  • Choice of round or square profiles – provide flexible
    solutions to the respective architectural requirements
  • Glazing of large areas possible
  • Dimensions and look compatible with ophelis cabinet systems and S Series accessory furniture
  • Numerous accessories as well as universal electrification options

tangens loft

  • Filigree version
  • all-glass, single-partition system
  • only the narrow top and bottom profiles are visible

Naturally also available as acoustically effective version

As a room-in-room system, tangens is acoustically effective in two ways: on the one hand it prevents sound from spreading from room to room, on the other hand it is an effective means of sound absorption inside the room because it is planked with acoustic panels