Trend-setting, tailor-made and adaptable – these are the features of today’s sustainable office architecture.

Environmental policy

Our product designs are created by well-known architects and industrial designers and comply with our ecological and economic principles as well as an effective use of forms.

ophelis has summarised its environmental policy in the following principles:

  • The future of mankind, its form of society and its industry depend on the ecological balance of nature. Every individual is therefore encouraged to see their actions in a broader context and take responsibility. We recognise the importance of developing and enforcing environmentally friendly forms of economic activity and will ensure this in accordance with our joint responsibility.
  • For the future this means that environmental aspects will be considered in every entrepreneurial decision.
  • Waste avoidance comes before waste reduction, waste reduction before recycling. Disposal is only allowed when one of the actions named above is not possible
  • Our efforts are directed particularly at environmentally safe and economical production methods to reduce sewage loads and flows as well as emissions.
  • We aim to save costs by saving energy, as this leads to a reduction of environmental impacts.
  • Our products must not have any harmful effects on health or the environment during their use and service life.
  • It is our professed goal to reduce the environmental impact of our production as much as possible. Our aim is to minimise these environmental impacts wherever and whenever this is economically feasible for us.
  • We provide employee training, publish information about our environmental protection objectives and activities and present an environmental report on a regular basis.
  • ophelis strives to offer the users of its products environmentally friendly surroundings. We seek suggestions for the design and for the operation of environmentally friendly offices.

Ecological aspects – environmental impact

ophelis designs environmentally friendly offices with a focus on human resources. Workplaces and working environments are designed to make people feel comfortable. Our production facilities are located in a spa town and therefore subject to very strict noise and exhaust air emission guidelines.

ophelis complies with these guidelines well below the limit values.

Our production line mainly comprises a parts production line, a paint spraying shop and final assembly line. We use state-of-the-art technology such as CNC machining centres and processing lines in all aspects of production. All facilities are documented in an equipment register and their proper functioning is ensured by a maintenance system. Through regular new investments we continuously update our entire industrial manufacturing equipment to the latest state of technology, which is defined for us also by the most environmentally friendly technology available on the market.

Environmental management

We run an environmental management system certified according to DIN ISO 14001 to control environmental impacts and to improve our environmental protection measures. In our opinion, environmental protection is not just a question of guidelines but is an issue that concerns everyone.

The ecological quality of the employed materials is documented by safety certificates. Our products must be separated by material types and are recyclable.

ophelis initiated a continuous improvement process and regularly sets itself goals to optimise environmental protection at its location. The goals are developed and implemented by our staff in projects. All environmentally relevant procedures are documented in process and working instructions. Through regular audits ophelis ensures that processes and procedures are observed and checks target achievement rates.

The environmental protection responsibilities are described in the environmental management system. The environmental protection officer coordinates the environmental protection measures which are performed by the line departments.

Corresponding processes in the environmental management system ensure that checklists prepared for product, material and supplier assessment are constantly analysed and updated.


Our furniture is delivered assembled and unpacked. In accordance with our ecological principles, we use recyclable materials for protection during transport. We see it to be our responsibility to take back and recycle materials brought along for protection during transport.

Materials – suppliers

We work exclusively with certified strategic partner suppliers and purchase all our components and raw materials in Europe.

The environmental and health friendliness of all our employed materials is confirmed by safety certificates.