Starting point
The new head office of Onlineprinters in Fürth was planned with the objective of achieving a transformation from a classic office suite to a modern company headquarters. Munich architectural firm die Planstelle, which was charged with the redesign, carried out the project using workstation solutions from ophelis.

A new, diversified office landscape was selected to support working styles of all kinds, making the new, modern head office stand out with optimal conditions for approximately 150 employees.

The headquarters’ departments were merged together into a single office with the key objective of improving and further cultivating communication.

paravento M screens provide structure, partitioning, and shielding without separation. In addition to the intended design vocabulary, the textile effect of the end result achieves a pleasant, feel-good atmosphere and connection to the other zones in the office.

The need for additional storage in employee offices was provided for with the S series sliding door cabinet system. With its clarity of design and high level of compatibility, the side furniture is perfectly suited to the other furniture systems.

The purist and timeless design of the Z series opens up plenty of opportunities for workspace design, and can easily be combined with existing furnishing systems.

Withdrawal zones and meeting places were created using ophelis sum. The design vocabulary of ophelis sum conveys lightness and highlights the flexibility of its layout possibilities. In addition to a high level of flexibility that permits configurations of all kinds, the system, which can be fitted with a power supply, also helps to create a pleasant atmosphere within the office landscape.  As a booth, sum creates zoning and spaces both for withdrawal and for conversation that leaves other colleagues undisturbed.