Initial situation
Reliable, efficient and sustainable: as the largest subsidiary of the regional energy and environmental service provider badenova, bnNETZE is responsible for the entire operation, planning, expansion and maintenance of all electricity and natural gas networks as well as the water supply in the region. With the construction of the new administration building no. 4 on the badenova premises in Freiburg, the company followed its own demands as a modern service provider and employer.

The new building replaces the first administration building on the energy service provider’s premises, which dates back to the 1960s and no longer met today’s requirements in terms of both energy and technical equipment. The new building is connected to the neighbouring building no. 3 and accommodates office space with workstations for 344 employees on six floors, as well as the technical centre, a multi-purpose room and large sanitary and changing areas.

The office building, which has been awarded the Platinum Seal by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), is ecologically exemplary in several respects. A large proportion of the building materials used are able to deconstruct and recyclable. The building is completely free of pollutants. A biogas block-type thermal power station and combines heating with efficient heat recovery.

The modern ventilation system eliminates the need for air conditioning and thus saves a lot of energy. The employees are supplied with a total of 34,000 cubic metres of fresh outdoor air every hour. The purified outdoor air results in a very high dilution of potentially viral air – a key aspect especially in view of the Corona pandemic.

The interior design also leaves room for new ideas and offers space for new forms of collaboration: open concepts with a lot of transparency complement a wide variety of retreats for concentrated work and conference rooms. The so-called campus model also allows working outdoors when the weather is nice.

The project: equipping 344 new workplaces, the intermediate zones and the storage space in the new office building on a usable area of 4,700 square metres

Customer: badenova AG & Co. KG / bnNETZE GmbH
Architects: Vogt Architekten BDA
Interior design: Die Planstelle GmbH
Location: Freiburg im Breisgau
Realisation: 05/2018 – 12/2019

Design process
The interior design of the new six-storey building should reflect badenova as a modern employer: transparency plays an important role both externally and internally. The new layout supports new forms of work, while at the same time employees find sufficient retreat areas.

A mix of open office landscapes with adjacent retreats for concentrated individual work or working in small groups was developed. In addition, there are conference rooms that can be used flexibly.

Plenty of light, colourful accents, ergonomic office furniture and numerous plants ensure a good working and room climate on all floors of the administration building.

As an expert for future-oriented working environments, ophelis equipped the workplaces with benches and ergonomic sitting-standing desks. paravento screens in a colour-reduced design provide individual shielding options. We modified the storage furniture according to the customer’s requirements and adapted in the project. The storage space is equipped with plant inserts.

Pictures: @ Thomas Dix