The new “Research and Production” building in Science Park II in Ulm initially focused on gaining more space and creating a high level of workspace quality in all areas.

In a modern building with primarily open structures, the aim was to promote communication while providing an acoustically comfortable atmosphere.

The orga.cube, which can be used for storage as well as a partition between workstations, has been equipped in an acoustically effective manner which reduces the reverberation periods in the low frequency range which is perceived as particularly unpleasant. The orga.cube concept enables each individual employee to design his or her workstation as needed; when it is opened, it supports concentrated working and allows the creation of a private “niche” and, when pushed shut, it enables direct communication with colleagues.

Additional storage space has been created with the glider sliding door cabinet system with its acoustically effective front and back panels which also work towards improving room acoustics. The expansive, quiet front facades and the fabric backs provide a comfortable atmosphere and ensure shielding from the corridor areas.

ophelis has also solved the problem of “invisible” cable management for the project with the U4 Series workstation system and its organisation rail which provides convenient access to the power outlets across the entire width of the table by means of a sliding table top while, at the same time, enabling the frictional mounting of third level organisation and monitor swivel arms.

 “The project has been successful all round”
Josef Briegel Internal Project Manager at BMG Gesellschaft für moderne Informationssysteme mbH.