BKK VerbundPlus
BKK VerbundPlus

BKK VerbundPlus

Is a statutory health insurance provider from Germany’s Bundesverband der Betriebskrankenkassen (Federal Association of Health Insurers). The well-being of BKK VerbundPlus policy holders is top priority for more than 120 employees based at its headquarters and six regional service offices.

Starting point
The ongoing demographic shift presents significant challenges for companies from all sectors. Statutory health insurers have to offer high-quality coverage in order to attract new policy holders and hold on to existing members.  Through joining forces with previously independent company health insurance funds, BKK VerbundPlus has grown to a size that enables it to care for the 85,000 policy holders in total that it serves today.   Approximately 60 of its more than 120 employees are based at its headquarters in Biberach. The company’s newly built head office is situated in the town centre, not far from Biberach’s market square and train station – making it easy to reach for employees and policy holders alike.

The objective
With its new administrative building, BKK VerbundPlus wanted to create a world for work and service provision that would place it in the best position to face the challenges of the years ahead. Practicality, functionality, and sustainability were all important criteria in this respect. The building was intended not only to represent transparency and customer proximity on the outside, but also to promote internal communication on the inside, through the structure of its offices.

The new BKK VerbundPlus building consists of four floors, including a ground floor that is open to the public.  Meeting rooms on this floor provide the opportunity for in-depth consultations in a discreet atmosphere. The remaining floors, which are for employees only, provide the location for 80 new workspaces. With its glass partitions, this area is characterised chiefly by transparency and openness,  whilst double and quadruple offices provide the desired structure for the BKK working environment. Communication zones in the centre of the building encourage mutual exchange, whilst a relaxation room offers the opportunity for withdrawal.

Implementation by ophelis
By combining electromotive height-adjustable desks from the CN series with paravento desktop screens and the orga.cube, ophelis has created a solution that takes into consideration the factors of ergonomics, functionality, and spatial efficiency.

paravento desktop screens on the electromotive desks in the double and quadruple team offices ensure visual and acoustic shielding. Moreover, the organisation rail enables more efficient usage of work surfaces as well as a more optimal organisation of workspaces.

The use of orga.cubes offer employees flexible workplace configuration, on the one hand providing them with directly accessible storage, whilst simultaneously offering additional workplace privacy for an open setup by virtue of their shielding and space division functions.  The need for additional storage in employee offices was provided for with the S series sliding door cabinet system.

As a modular furniture system for the configuration of islands within a space, ophelis docks can serve as places both for meeting and for withdrawing. BKK VerbundPlus has used them to create a reception area, as well as spaces for communication and for retreat.

The management desks were selected from the radoppio series and fitted with an integrated technical sideboard. Additional storage space was achieved in the offices with the glider sliding door cabinet system.

Architecture: Braunger Wörtz Architekten GmbH
Photos: Ingo Rack Fotografie