AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse Ludwigsburg-Rems-Murr

AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse Ludwigsburg-Rems-Murr

Initial situation
An office that fluidly combines concentrated work, exchange and networking and that gives employees the greatest possible freedom in their daily choice of working environment: With the AOK Project House in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg’s largest health insurance company developed an office prototype in which new forms of work can be tested and further developed.

For the workspace, an old warehouse on the GETRAG site in the south of the baroque city of Ludwigsburg was revitalised, which is characterized by industrial charm. The aim was to create a future-oriented and employee-friendly environment that avoids one-sided stress, provides balance and integrates natural elements.

The result is an office prototype covering just under 1,500 square meters that is oriented toward project work and offers maximum design freedom and spatial flexibility. The interior design concept focuses on people and offers users an interplay of work, exchange, movement, free space and retreat.

The project: Redesign of a warehouse into an office prototype/ Area: 1,473 square meters
Client: AOK Ludwigsburg via Chairholder, Schorndorf
Design: blocher partners Stuttgart
Location: Ludwigsburg
Realisation: 05/2019

Design Process
In line with its own theme “health”, AOK Baden-Württemberg has set itself the goal of developing future-oriented and employee-friendly working environments that promote well-being and productivity in equal measure. As a test site for new working environments, the project house in Ludwigsburg is to evolve in an ongoing process in order to derive viable concepts for the optimal working environment of the future. This will later be transferred to other project houses.

As experts for working environments with an eye on the future, ophelis, in collaboration with the interior designers from blocher partners, brought in defining elements for the retreat areas, for project work and central meeting areas.

The concept for the workspace prototype is aligned with the division into project groups. Fixed workstations and open, creative zones and lounges complement each other. Various meeting rooms with flexibly configurable wall elements provide space for confidential discussions or open workshops. Moving Spaces with large, adjustable whiteboards provide space for creative teamwork.

Retreats for concentrated work or short meetings were created with ophelis sum booths for six persons. The textile enclosure with cushions creates spatial and acoustic shielding. The integrated booth table is equipped with a power socket and USB.

The deem standing tables on castors are used for project work and meetings while standing. Convenient and easy handling is provided by the central roller braking system and automatic cable retraction. Power is accessed through the integrated electrification module “userbase”. The oval table shape supports communication.

Our partner in the project was our specialist dealer Chairholder, Schorndorf.

 pictures: @ Joachim Grothus