Sit-stand meeting table CL2 mobil

Sit-stand meeting table CL2 mobil

Autarkic mobile sit-stand meeting tables: #mobil Preview

Varying teams, changing projects and the challenge of using rooms in new ways as required: With #mobil, ophelis takes a look into the future and works on sitting/standing tables that can be placed exactly where they are needed at the moment – independent of the power supply.

The idea: electromotive sitting/standing work tables are equipped with castors and draw their power for the motor and the supply at the table no longer from the socket, but from a powerful rechargeable battery. The batteries are centrally charged in a charging station and employees can supply their table with new energy in the morning.

Together with partners, ophelis is developing this option to offer #mobil for the CN series of desks, including the corresponding charging stations.

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