Carcass construction

Carcass construction wall cabinet

With the wall cabinet system in carcass construction design, prefabricated elements are connected to wall cabinets on site. The many options and interiors fixtures offer office storage space for a wide variety of applications.

With the wall cabinet system in carcass construction design, ophelis gives you an organisational framework that can be customised and developed according to the specific needs at hand. There are numerous types of elements available, including acoustically effective variants that can be freely combined.

Product features

  • The design principle enables flexible solutions which can be customised to function as a single cabinet or wall cabinet
  • In addition to double door cabinets, there are elements with glass doors, combined elements with double doors and vertical drawers, open elements, 45 and 90-degree corner elements, corner elements with rounded shelves and vertical shutter elements
  • Dimensionally compatible with the S Series accessory furniture
  • Ceiling and wall veneers are optional

Colors and materials

  • Base

    • #212023 graphite black
      (RAL 9011)
    • silver metallic
    • #f7f9fa light white
      (RAL 9016)
  • Surfaces: Genuine wood

    • maple
    • whitewashed oak
    • oak
    • beech
    • cherry wood
    • walnut
    • black oak
  • Surfaces: Melamine

    • #f7f9fa atlas white
    • soft white
    • light grey
    • silver metallic
    • #69615a taupe
    • graphite
    • maple trim
    • oak light
    • beech light


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