Wall cabinet system with aluminium frame structure
Alu-frame structure

Wall cabinet system with aluminium frame structure

This wall cabinet system with an aluminium frame structure is a multifunctional, modular, endlessly expandable system, which is assembled into a skeleton structure on site. With its finished back panel, it can be used against a wall or as a room divider for many different applications and in combination with the Tangens partitioning wall system.

Due to its design principle, our wall cabinet system with its aluminium frame structure meets a wide variety of individual requirements. The elements can be freely combined as desired. All functional elements such as the construction sides and shelves of the structure, back panels, doors and bases are assembled on site and adapted to the space using side and ceiling panels. Acoustically effective front facade with perforated acoustic panel optional.

Product features

  • Endlessly expandable system of prefabricated parts assembled on site
  • Uses: As a front wall unit, wall cabinet or as a room divider
  • Particularly stable, versatile and flexible: the construction sides and bases are each fitted with two aluminium profiles which can be combined with the aluminium framework construction using eccentric locking
  • The vertical profiles have a row of holes spaced at 32-mm intervals. Door hinges and interior fittings are inserted into these holes
  • In addition to double door cabinets, there are elements with glass doors, combined elements with double doors and vertical drawers, open elements, 45 and 90 degree corner elements and corner elements with rounded shelves
  • Ceiling and wall veneers are optional
  • Certificates
    • Blue Angel UZ 38

Colors and materials

  • Surfaces: Genuine wood

    • maple
    • maple, oiled
    • whitewashed oak
    • whitewashed oak, oiled
    • oak
    • oak, oiled
    • beech
    • cherry wood
    • cherry wood, oiled
    • walnut
    • walnut, oiled
    • smoked oak
    • black oak
  • Surfaces: Melamine

    • atlas white
    • cream white
    • soft white
    • light grey
    • Silk grey
    • grey brown
    • graphite
    • black
    • maple trim
    • oak light
    • beech light
  • Surfaces: lacquer

    • traffic white
      (RAL 9016)
    • cream white
      (RAL 9001)
    • silk grey
      (RAL 7044)
    • iron grey
      (RAL 7011)
    • grey brown
      (RAL 8019)



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