Q3 Series

Q3 Series

Q3 Series: A modern workstation system with a design oriented towards architectural minimalism. Reduction and harmonisation of form, material and colour are a focus in filling all technical orders. The design is characterised by the square four-leg base and the linear supporting structure of the table. Design concept by Amandus Sattler (Allmann Sattler Wappner Architects).

Product features

  • Modern workstation system oriented towards architectural minimalism
  • Square, four-leg frame
  • “Hovering” table top with a 5 mm gap to the plate frame
  • The central element is the seamless side clip which connects the leg tubes and plate frames three-dimensionally
  • Optional glass table top and stainless steel frame
  • Height-adjustable from 680 – 820 mm
  • Electrical outlets:
    • Base: Cable channel hinged on both sides
    • Convenient electrical outlets: rear section of the table top (approx. 14 cm) fixed, front section of the table top to open as a sliding table top – for convenient access to the cable channel over the entire width of the table, brush seal for keeping the cables in place

Colors and materials

  • Surfaces: Melamine

    • #f7f9fa atlas white
    • light grey
    • silver metallic
    • maple trim
    • oak light
    • beech light
    • graphite
    • soft white
  • Surfaces: Genuine wood

    • maple
    • whitewashed oak
    • oak
    • beech
    • cherry wood
    • walnut
    • black oak
  • frames

    • chrome
    • #f7f9fa light white
      (RAL 9016)
    • silver metallic
    • black

CAD Data

ophelis Q3_dwg (DWG, 3 MB)


Brochure table systems (PDF, 6 MB)

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