Product launch ophelis sum

Product launch ophelis sum

The new modular seating system for configuring islands in a room – ophelis sum, presented for the first time at Orgatec 2016, is ready for series production and is now available on the market.

The product concept is based on three core elements: base, partition and pillow. These can be combined in an additive and modular fashion. This easily enables a wide variety of seating to be configured – from stools and benches to armchairs, sofas and chaise longues. Partitions with different heights determine the degree of privacy. Depending on the extent of retreat and discretion required, partitions can be configured as an L-shape or a U-shape. Different tables serve as bridges, go-betweens and add-ons. In combination, these items of furniture create micro architectural islands in the room.

Numerous configurations: Seven frame colours plus extensive collection of fabrics

The combination of three core elements in seven frame colours with a wide choice of materials creates a wealth of possible combinations. The ophelis sum concept is clear, modular and additive. The design creates lightness and highlights how flexible the layout possibilities are. Seating can be arranged single-sided, facing one another or as L-shaped, T-shaped or X-shaped layouts. Of course, ophelis sum offers integrated power supply options.
The scope of possible applications ranges from creating islands in the office for communication or retreat to furnishing communal areas and domestic living space. ophelis sum is perfect for the modern office, lobby, lounge and foyer. It provides seating in colleges, libraries and museums.

Design: Studio Grosch for ophelis 2016

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