Planning inspirations
Room modules and inspirations

Planning inspirations

For planning different areas in the office landscape.

The requirements are multifaceted. Offices need places for collaboration, rooms for agile project work with methods such as scrum or design thinking, as well as different meeting places for communication and meetings. We have compiled plans and mood boards for the various topics and space requirements and made the planning data available for you to download.

4m² to 8m²

Community docks – Flächenbedarf 4,7qm

8m² to 12m²

Kollaboration – Flächenbedarf 9,5 qm

Community – Flächenbedarf 9,5qm

Community – Flächenbedarf 8,4 qm

12m² to 20m²

Community – Flächenbedarf 14 qm

ophelis sum - space requirement 19,8m²