orga.cube is a pull-out cupboard that provides office storage space within easy reach of the desk. It enables flexible use of the workplace and design of open space landscapes as comfortable offices.

Essential product features

  • Storage solution with apothecary pull-out: full container function and storage directly at the workplace for open office landscapes
  • Acoustic and visual shielding in an open situation
  • Storage in direct access and more leg room under the table
  • Concealed runner above
  • Variants:
    • Usable on one side (right/left) with utensil pull-out and lockable private compartment
    • Useable on both sides: vertical partition, enables access from two adjoining workplaces
    • Extension in single or double garage (especially for workplaces in block position, screens seamlessly and tidily)
  • Power supply / light (optional):
    • Possibility of cable routing to the table through interior cable channel and side cable outlets
    • Power supply in the interior: power sockets integrated into the top compartment
    • Integrated lamps for 1 to 4 workplaces