Made-to-order production

As an industrial company specialising in serial production, we also possess great expertise in developing made-to-order and individual solutions for commercial projects.

In commercial projects we provide not only ready-made concepts but also individually tailored solutions for our customers – adapted to their processes and requirements. Frequently this involves the development of new products or specific modification of existing products to ensure optimum adaptation to the respective requirements.

Together with engineers and designers, our design and development department develops creative ideas for special requirements and ensures their fast and technical implementation at a high level of quality.

Frequently we refine these product ideas subsequently, and ultimately they are included in our serial production. Examples include the orga.cube pull-out cupboard and the Linie S  as well as many product extensions such as the comfort power supply system for the worktables, just to name a few.

We make every effort to determine the market suitability of test suggestions and wishes proposed by individual customers in the course of commercial projects and ultimately include them in our standard production range so that our products always meet our users’ requir

Made-to-order solutions for a single piece number are also possible – just ask us.