Commercial projects also pose special logistics challenges. For us this means timely deliveries, professional assembly and punctual completion. Our range of services also includes relocation management and stocktaking.

Delivery + assembly

We guarantee timely delivery by our competent logistics partners which have branch offices in our factory. We will call you in case of any delays longer than 30 minutes past the notified date. Our furniture is delivered by trained personnel only; all drivers are also able to assemble our products.

For large deliveries we employ factory assemblers and strategic assembly partners which meet our quality standards with regard to assembly due to their longstanding cooperation and extensive product knowledge.

In accordance with our ecological standards, we deliver our furniture assembled and unpacked and use recyclable materials for protection during transport. We are naturally prepared to take back these protective materials.

Institutionalised: our standard delivery period is 4-6 weeks to the installation site. In case of an emergency we offer fast & competent support with a solution guarantee.

Depending on the requirements and local conditions, we can provide auxiliary tools and devices such as outside elevators, hoisting cranes, etc. to ensure smooth transport of the furniture into the building.

Recycling and return concept – old furniture disposal

In connection with the return and recycling of old furniture, we cooperate with a strategic partner that specialises in professional disposal and resale of furniture and has operated successfully in this sector for many years.

East European countries are our partner’s main customers for used furniture. Pieces of furniture which are no longer saleable due to their condition are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner; the materials of all our products must be separated by material types and are recyclable.

Stocktaking + relocation management

We provide professional services in these areas as well: We have proven our service capabilities in stocktaking and relocation management in many large-scale commercial projects, e.g. at Berliner Verkehrsbetrieben..