Impulse 24

Impulse 24

ophelis Impulse 24 took place on 12 and 13 June 2024 in the showroom in Bad Schönborn. Two successful events are now behind us. Expert talks, discussions about current trends, presentations of our new products, workshops and intensive dialogue ensured a varied and exciting programme

Impressions and new products presented at Impulse 24:

ophelis product innovations

At Impulse, ophelis presented further new products and showcased the latest developments in sustainability in the Material Lab

paravento XL Further development of the partition wall system
S Series  planting module
New sustainable textiles, upholstered on ophelis sum

Plant module for the integration of biophilia in the world of work

Why plants in the world of work:

Plants filter pollutants. This provides oxygen-rich air, which in turn, according to studies, increases performance by around 15 per cent
The green of the leaves relieves our psyche and strengthens our well-being and lowers stress levels.
Plants increase air humidity. From a humidity level of 50 per cent, the perceived warmth in the room increases by around 2 degrees Celsius, which means up to 6 per cent lower heating costs

With the new S series plant module, plants can be optimally integrated into the working environment.

Based on the S series sliding door cabinet, the plant module includes integrated lighting in addition to the plant tray. This provides the right light for the plants. The lighting can also be controlled automatically via a timer. This also makes the plants feel at home in the office.

Further development of modular system for structuring – paravento XL

Zoning large areas, screening off areas and creating transparency at the same time: The newly developed glass modules for our paravento XL partition wall system expand the possibilities for structuring rooms.

Glass modules

The new glass modules support screening, but allow visual contact or views – depending on the positioning of the walls.


Easily create visually and acoustically screened work and retreat areas: The new curtain for our modular paravento XL movable wall system opens up new possibilities for structuring large areas. The curtain offers the possibility of temporarily separating areas and creates attractive accents.

As a modular system, paravento XL can be used flexibly and independently of walls, making it ideal for working environments that change with the company.

Screen mounting

Screens can now also be attached to the paravento XL movable wall. The attachment is designed so that it can also be retrofitted to paravento XL walls.

Zoning for teamwork or presentation areas is therefore easy to add.

Workshop experiences with 2000 colour cards: A journey through colours and moods

As part of a creative workshop, the participants had the opportunity to work with an impressive collection of 2000 colour cards. At the beginning, the teams were asked to choose what they thought were the three most beautiful colours and then the three ugliest. The result was a colourful and inconsistent picture that did not provide a clear basis for a constructive discussion.

In the next step, the task was specified: Colours for the design of rooms were to be selected – one for concentrated high-focus work and another for agile, creative teamwork. This clearly defined task led to more concrete and targeted results.

The workshop not only provided the participants with valuable insights into the effect of colours in different contexts, but was also a lot of fun. The creative discussion and exchange within the teams fostered new ideas and perspectives that could be inspiring for future projects.

Material Lab

The world’s first upholstery textile made from 100 per cent plastic waste from the sea: This is Sport by @kvadrattextiles. The upholstery fabric was designed by Patricia Urquiola. It combines a lively, modern high-tech look with a convincing sustainability concept. Tiny graphic, floral shapes can be found on the surface and give the upholstery fabric a fascinating expression full of character.

Quest by Camira was also presented at sum. Also a textile produced responsibly, Quest is a continuation of camira’s partnership with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, which fights against plastic waste in our oceans. This lightly textured fabric is woven entirely from recycled post-consumer plastic waste.

These innovative fabrics could be experienced and tested live at ophelis Impulsen 2024: Sustainability is combined here with a special look and a convincing feel.

The new series will definitely find a place in the ophelis textile collection.

Time and space for resilience: what companies can do to keep their employees healthy, motivated and working for the company for a long time.

Zuzana Blazek, independent consultant and coach, Senior Researcher at the German Economic Institute until 2023

In her fascinating presentation, Zuzana Blazek illustrated the characteristics of the different generations and their expectations. She drew a link to the implications for companies and managers and called for tolerance and mutual understanding of the formative influences of the generations.

Strengthening mental resilience to stay healthy.

The focus was on strengthening mental resilience in order to promote the health of employees. The speaker explained the seven factors that contribute to mental resilience and emphasised that resilience helps to cope better with challenges, especially in times of major change and crisis.

Resilience can be trained

The psychology of space – how colours affect our well-being, our health and our motivation to work.

Prof. Dr Axel Buether, Head of the Institute for Colour Psychology at the University of Wuppertal.

In his lecture, Prof. Dr. Axel Buether takes the guests into the world of colours, their history and purpose. In summary, colours exist due to the physical properties of light, the chemical composition of materials and the biological and cultural functions they fulfil. Colours are an integral part of our perception and understanding of the world.

Based on empirical studies, Dr Buether impressively demonstrates how colour has a positive influence on the well-being of patients.

You couldn’t attend the Impulses 24? Make an appointment with your ophelis contact person and visit us in our showroom! We look forward to seeing you.

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