glider front running door cupboard system

Elegant front running door cupboard system: As accessory furniture or as a storage wall – glider combines lots of storage space with new design quality in the office.

Essential product features

  • Continuously sliding door cabinet system from 2 to 6 folder height
  • Large fronts for a quiet, homely and architectural look
  • Doors which run along multiple tracks in front of the carcass
  • 100% access, with anti-trap protection
  • Continuous cabinet top panel with hover effect which covers the entire cabinet as well as the guidance technology; from 3,200 mm (4 doors) the top panel comes in two parts
  • Unlike a cabinet with double doors, the doors never get in the way of walking areas or escape routes; functional furniture surfaces of up to 60 cm are no longer required as part of the design
  • Optional: front as whiteboard surface or magnetic surface / board
  • Can be fitted with acoustic elements – acoustic front and acoustic rear, fabric covered (not doubled)
  • Optional glider big screen: integration of a flat screen in the cabinet centre of 4-door cabinets