We provide cable routing, power systems, technology integration and media technology solutions. Individually adapted special solutions are possible.

How are power and data supplied to the table?

Especially where cable management is concerned, individual solutions adapted to the respective conditions on-site are required: do power and data have to be supplied from the parapet channel to the tables inside the room or are there floor tanks? How do I get from there into and onto the table as neatly and orderly as possible? How can I install the power system through cupboards, mobile pedestals and room dividing elements?

ophelis has many solutions for easy cable management available as standard components, e.g. a comfort power supply system for our worktables, orga.cube pull-out cupboards and mobile pedestals, electric bases for routing cables under cupboards and accessory furniture and much more.

In commercial projects, we design the power supply system layout and work out individual concepts for this to find optimum solutions for our customers.

Integrated function – power supply and media systems

The integration of power supply and media systems which meet design requirements is becoming increasingly important in conference and meeting areas, too. With our strategic partners we devise solutions where the systems are not simply added on to the furniture but are integrated in the furniture from the start and blend in with the interior design.

Thus our standard range features foldaway flatscreen monitors with a lifting system and screen-projector solutions in our con.media slideboards, our patented userbase as a power supply system which is integrated in the table and can be opened on both sides, technology sideboards for housing racks and much more.