Clerkenwell Design Week

Turn your Office into a Village

ophelis docks „Islands in the Office“ arrived in the UK.

An exciting new modular furniture system designed by Till Grosch and Bjorn Meier and manufactured in Germany, ophelis docks is an extraordinary example of seamless harmony between design and functionality, providing users with a truly agile working space.

ophelis docks – smart design

ophelis docks has been developed as a modular system, which can be specified in various configurations to create islands in the office. This intuitive furniture system can be used to create shared, multifunctional places for work as well as havens for quiet concentration and relaxation with real touch down plug and play facilities. The modules can be put together in such a way as to provide acoustic and visual privacy, open-plan meeting areas or used as connections between various zones in the office, promoting internal communications and enhancing the overall feeling of well-being in the workplace.

ophelis docks allows you to create custom solutions to any space. Modules are based on 90 cm squares, making them easy to integrate into spaces, creating islands in the office or creating usable links between working areas in L-shaped, T-shaped, interlinking or freestanding configurations.

The ophelis docks portfolio covers a variety of upholstered modules with or without partitions, storage space and lounge-, sitting- and standing-height tables.

Power and Data Accessibility

The key to making docks a real plug and play workplace solution, is the intelligent frame which acts as a cable tray, keeping power and data out of sight but within reach. Soft close components in the bricks elements keep electric modules safe and hidden when not in use. The frame system ensures cables are kept a secret whether they are being supplied from floor boxes or peripheral sources.