ophelis not only has an extensive range of acoustically effective products available as standard components but also immense know-how in the development of comprehensive acoustic overall concepts.

Noise in the office – team or no team?

In modern forms of organisation, office work is increasingly becoming teamwork. Close spatial arrangement of employees is a crucial element of success. The dilemma: talking is the most efficient means of communication in the office; however it creates the most disturbing noise for non-participants.

It is impossible not to hear!

Modern open office forms support communication and ultimately processes; however they are an obstacle – if there is not enough screening – to a person’s basic need for privacy. On the one hand, conversations disturb others because it is impossible not to hear them; on the other hand, it is disturbing that one’s own conversations are heard by unwanted ears. Speech is a problem of acoustic measures in the office.

Good acoustics – a dilemma?

Conflict of goals: architecture/interior design: The architectural trend of air-conditioning modern buildings by means of building element activation places new demands on interior concepts. As a result, acoustic ceilings suspended over their entire surface area cannot be used in many cases. Exposed concrete surfaces and large banks of windows are increasingly being used in modern architecture; the solution of acoustic problems is delegated from the building to its interior.

Conflict of goals: processes: At the organisational level, the desire for unrestricted communication to improve and accelerate processes on the one hand is opposed by the need for concentration, privacy and undisturbed performance of work on the other hand.

ophelis acoustic concepts for optimum sound protection in the office

Workplace design in this context: This context results in the necessity to shield workplaces acoustically from one another as much as possible, while restricting communication as little as possible.

Always individually designed – but always with a comprehensive approach: We never look at working environments just through “furniture glasses” – we always develop comprehensive concepts which are individually adapted to provide for an acoustically pleasant climate in the office. That is how we create optimum offices for happy employees.

Solutions – product concepts

Design award-winning and tested by independent testing institutes for their acoustic effectiveness, our products offer solutions for individual requirements. The following products are available in acoustically effective version:

Partitioning system paravento
Partitioning system  paravento hub
Partitioning system syntax
Partitioning system tangens
ophelis docks
glider front running door cupboard system
S Series accessory furniture
Dividing cabinet one-piece
Dividing cabinet aluminium