orga.cube is a pull-out cupboard that provides office storage space within easy reach of the desk. It enables flexible use of the workplace and design of open space landscapes as comfortable offices.

Often imitated, never duplicated: concept and product quality

  • orga.cube is storage space within easy reach, with pull-out utensil tray & private compartment
  • At the same time it performs a screening and space dividing function: when it is open, it provides additional privacy at the workplace
  • It is possible to configure employee workplaces flexibly, making the transition from individual offices to group offices easier.
  • orga.cube saves an additional pedestal, its cubic design lends it a very compact and unobtrusive look

Technical details – advantages and functions

  • orga.cube provides space for 1.4 m of files/ 2 suspended file frames/ drawers in various possible installation positions/ personal effects can be stored in the lockable private compartment/ one material tray
  • Tilt resistant thanks to environmentally friendly concrete counterweight
  • Perfect operation properties: easy to open even when fully loaded, no wear tracks on the carpet thanks to 3 heavy load pull-outs per orga.cube!
  • covered routing
  • available as single garage or for two facing work places as double garage
  • possibility to integrate a light
  • optionally electrification for smartphone, laptop or printer

Naturally also available as acoustically effective version

  • Optionally, the outer side panels as well as the inner back panel can be made of acoustically effective panel material
  • In this version orga.cube acts as a shield against direct sound and as an effective sound absorber, achieving an above-average degree of sound absorption
  • In our tests at an independent testing institute, we proved that orga.cube is very effective particularly in low frequency ranges often found to be very unpleasant