U4 Series

Easily height-adjustable desk. The tabletop floats on the frame, recessed traverses ensure plenty of legroom. The overall appearance is simple and linear and is enhanced by the hidden technical refinements.

At a glance

  • Design: Martin Dettinger Industrial Design, Munich
  • Four-leg base, square pipe
  • The side view of the frame resembles an upside down U, 4 stands for four leg and the square leg shape
  • Linear, elegant and filigree look
  • Floating tabletop with sliding top function – convenient access to the cable duct across entire table width
  • Recessed traverses for lots of legroom and slim front edge

Technical details – advantages and functions

  • Desk with invisible comfort incremental adjustment from 650 to 850 mm, easy to use by pressing the pushbutton and pulling out/sliding in the leg
  • Basic version with visible, tool-free adjustment of height from 650 to 850 mm
  • Meeting tables with fixed height of 720 mm